Chapter 154 – Specification of Requirements

Robert Macleod retrieves the tramline map from the drawing office, and we walk out onto Hope Street, where my carriage waits."Take us to the corner of Park Road and Great Western Road, please?", I shout up to David Mackintosh, my coachman, who will take me anywhere I require, day or night.Robert pulls the map out … Continue reading Chapter 154 – Specification of Requirements

Chapter 151 – Passing Sunday’s Test

Our family troop moves onto Queens Park, where we roll out our picnic rug, stretch out and relish May's sunshine. The vista is a mix of hills, chimneys puffing out smoke, tenement architecture and a foreground packed with families, enjoying their Sunday afternoon. The bandstand is crammed with enthusiastic spectators, sampling the orchestra play their … Continue reading Chapter 151 – Passing Sunday’s Test

Chapter 150 – Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers

We continue along the road until we reach the Regimental Drill Ground, where the 3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Corp has assembled. I lead the family around the drill ground perimeter, and we stand with the Regimental Headquarters and Drill Hall behind us.Arabella turns around and looks up at me, “I love their scarlet coloured jackets.”“They … Continue reading Chapter 150 – Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers

Chapter 149 – Surprise In Strathbungo

The laughter, jumping and pandemonium continue all morning. Seeing all my family in one room, rolling around, teasing, playing and capering, soothes my soul.  “Who would like breakfast?”, I ask.  Three excited children, all throw up their right arm and shout, “Me, please.” “Let’s see what Agnes has for us.” We all trot through to … Continue reading Chapter 149 – Surprise In Strathbungo

Chapter 148 – Sunday Relaxation Test

I gently open my eyes, as my brain surveys my body, finding exhausted legs and bruises from yesterday's footballing labour on Flesher Haugh.Emilia is sitting up in bed beside me, reading. "Good morning. Unlike you to sleep past nine o'clock?", she said, her green eyes absorbing my gaze with loving affection."Indeed, a tiring week, although … Continue reading Chapter 148 – Sunday Relaxation Test

Chapter 147 – Glorious Football Aftermath

Alexander Campbell joins Billy Mackinnon and I, at the side of the pitch. “How are the legs, Alexander?”, I ask.“They are fine. In fact, would you like another kick-about?”, Alexander said.Billy cuts in and reminds him, “We have a big parade tomorrow, Alexander. Our Lieutenant-Colonel will have your head hanging from his bayonet if you … Continue reading Chapter 147 – Glorious Football Aftermath

Chapter 146 – Rangers v Callander

The game kicks off at lightening pace with enthusiasm overflowing from both Rangers and their Callander opposition. I am the goalkeeper in today's fixture, which provides an ideal vantage point to assess Glasgow's newest football club. Alexander Campbell and John Hunter are my backs, with William McBeath and Peter McNeil playing at half-back. The forward … Continue reading Chapter 146 – Rangers v Callander