Chapter 206 – Miss Nightingale’s Principles

I board the carriage with only one single command to David Mackintosh, “The Fever House, please.”David’s key feature as a coachman is to interpret the nature of the destination and determine whether there is a requirement to exercise speed or meander at a gentle pace. My distraught face tells him everything, and he cracks the … Continue reading Chapter 206 – Miss Nightingale’s Principles

Chapter 204 – Thinking Lateral Works

I turn around, walk over and congratulate Mary, "This is what I wanted."Mary never condones complements and pulls out the finalised tramline map, "Remember how you explained to Robert, using the reverse side of the map would fill the profit gap?"Yes, lots of Glaswegians will see it.""I did as you asked and went to Stobcross … Continue reading Chapter 204 – Thinking Lateral Works

Chapter 203 – Opening the world

Leaving the printworks, I ask David to stop at Broomielaw Street. The building is in darkness, and I take out the keys and enter.The open layout is wonderful; each corner is a geographical destination decorated with drawings of landmarks and interpretations explaining their history and importance. The centre of the room is dedicated to Glasgow's … Continue reading Chapter 203 – Opening the world

Chapter 202 – Full Steam Ahead

David Mackintosh waits with my carriage, outside on Moray Place, and I jump up beside him."Destination this morning?" asked David."Printworks.", I said.David acknowledges the command with a crack of the whip, and the carriage hurtles along the streets of Glasgow. David, my coachman, is a champion jockey, so I get the thrill of speed and … Continue reading Chapter 202 – Full Steam Ahead

Chapter 198 – Inaugural Athletics Festival

I find my fellow organisers of the inaugural Queen’s Park Athletics Festival, and we gather in for a briefing on the events ahead of us. Archibald Rae is in command, and he has been managed this with military precision. He hands us a running order for tonight’s events.“There are two races tonight. Like our football, … Continue reading Chapter 198 – Inaugural Athletics Festival