Chapter 269 – Scotch Mist Rises

The Thompson & French office clock strikes four times, and Anne knocks at my office door and enters."Memorandum from Alexander Campbell: 'The Printworks is ready for tomorrow'", said Anne."Thanks, Anne.", I said, crossing out the Calendar’s number twenty-nine.I follow her and meet Margaret Scott and John Grant to inspect the busy ground and first floors … Continue reading Chapter 269 – Scotch Mist Rises

Chapter 268 – Rampant Lion Uniform

For many, the following day is the Day of Rest; however, David Wotherspoon and I complete one final review in his living room."The venue, policing and tickets?" I asked."The West of Scotland Cricket Ground and policing are agreed, and tickets printed.", said David."Entry charge?""One shilling.""Teams selected?""Robert Gardner is Captain, and the Scotland team are all … Continue reading Chapter 268 – Rampant Lion Uniform

Chapter 267 – Glasgow V Edinburgh

The last fortnight of November is split in two by a football match under the rugby code."To my knowledge, this is the first time two cities have played each other under the rugby code.", said Malcolm."An intriguing fact and one the world should remember.", I said."This brings back memories of the first international rugby match … Continue reading Chapter 267 – Glasgow V Edinburgh

Chapter 266 – Earning Your Place

At Midday on Saturday, 9th November, I ensure everyone leaves the office on time. Five minutes later, Malcolm Anderson arrives clad in a field jacket, plus-fours, knee-high boots and a leather bag.I open the door laughing, "You're going to a football match, not a pheasant shoot.""The weather is atrocious, and I came prepared.", said Malcolm.I … Continue reading Chapter 266 – Earning Your Place

Chapter 265 – Date of Destiny

David Wotherspoon places down his glass, "The trials are on Saturday, where we expect Glasgow Academicals and West of Scotland Rugby Club's players to participate.Unfortunately, my letters in the Scotsman have yielded no players from the East. The trial match will give us three weeks to select and prepare the final eleven."I spray whisky across … Continue reading Chapter 265 – Date of Destiny

Chapter 264 – Carrick’s Royal Hotel

The following evening I meet David Wotherspoon in Carrick's Royal Hotel at 50 George Square and discuss the Scotland v England match preparations."The entire Queen's Park Committee are engaged, however, the key one, which I wanted to discuss, is the venue.", said David."What are our options?" I said."Glasgow Academicals, our rugby friends, offered their Burbank … Continue reading Chapter 264 – Carrick’s Royal Hotel

Chapter 262 – Six Park Gardens

I congratulate Emelia on her new headquarters in the carriage over to the West End."You never cease to amaze me.", I said."Do you think my brothers will approve?" said Emelia."Angus, Dougal and Lachlan will conclude this vindicates your appointment. When will it be ready?""The Grand Opening will be on Angus' birthday on 13th March 1873, … Continue reading Chapter 262 – Six Park Gardens

Chapter 261 – Two Dunnage Warehouses

The warehouses are a more industrial affair. The first warehouse has one-meter thick walls made of red Corncockle stone, with the ground floor covered in gravel, with each floor consisting of wooden beams and iron girders, with wooden planks laid across them.“These floors, with narrow gaps between the planks, allows cool air to rise through … Continue reading Chapter 261 – Two Dunnage Warehouses

Chapter 260 – Kilnave Headquarters, Glasgow

Our carriage travels down Eglinton Street onto Bridge Street and takes a left turn before the Railway Station. King Street runs parallel to the Clyde, with both ends of the street marked by Dale Street and Commercial Street, with Centre Street breaking it into two. In this grid, there are three prominent buildings; a sizeable … Continue reading Chapter 260 – Kilnave Headquarters, Glasgow