Chapter 262 – Six Park Gardens

I congratulate Emelia on her new headquarters in the carriage over to the West End."You never cease to amaze me.", I said."Do you think my brothers will approve?" said Emelia."Angus, Dougal and Lachlan will conclude this vindicates your appointment. When will it be ready?""The Grand Opening will be on Angus' birthday on 13th March 1873, … Continue reading Chapter 262 – Six Park Gardens

Chapter 261 – Two Dunnage Warehouses

The warehouses are a more industrial affair. The first warehouse has one-meter thick walls made of red Corncockle stone, with the ground floor covered in gravel, with each floor consisting of wooden beams and iron girders, with wooden planks laid across them.“These floors, with narrow gaps between the planks, allows cool air to rise through … Continue reading Chapter 261 – Two Dunnage Warehouses

Chapter 260 – Kilnave Headquarters, Glasgow

Our carriage travels down Eglinton Street onto Bridge Street and takes a left turn before the Railway Station. King Street runs parallel to the Clyde, with both ends of the street marked by Dale Street and Commercial Street, with Centre Street breaking it into two. In this grid, there are three prominent buildings; a sizeable … Continue reading Chapter 260 – Kilnave Headquarters, Glasgow

Chapter 259 – Fools Seldom Differ

We walk out into Moray Place, where Emelia’s new carriage waits, decorated with the Kilnave Distillery Coat of Arms. The coachman, wearing a navy blue jacket and white breeches, jumps down from the footplate and opens the door.“M’lady.”, said the Coachmen.“Morning, Flora.”, said Mary.“Morning, Sir.”, said Flora to me, whose bright green eyes lit up … Continue reading Chapter 259 – Fools Seldom Differ

Chapter 258 – Quintum Novembris, Remembered

The following day is not for football, nor Thompson & French. Today may be Tuesday, but today focussed on the two activities Emelia has been grappling with since returning to Glasgow."My carriage will pick us up in twenty minutes. You promised me your complete attention today, and I need it more than ever.", said Emelia … Continue reading Chapter 258 – Quintum Novembris, Remembered

Chapter 257 – Most Important Weapon

I spent the rest of the afternoon surveying every inch of the map with Alexander Campbell and going through every detail before leaving the Princes Street Printworks. Today has been an invigorating rollercoaster, finished with my walk along the newly built Kenmuir Street taking me straight into the heart of sleepy Strathbungo. I stand and … Continue reading Chapter 257 – Most Important Weapon

Chapter 256 – Moment of Madness

Alexander Campbell looks down at the first blank sheet of paper measuring twenty-nine and a half inches long by eleven and three-quarters inches wide."This is blank. Is this a trick?" asked Alexander."No trick. The contents will be delivered by Malcolm Anderson on the evening of the last day of November. You will need your entire … Continue reading Chapter 256 – Moment of Madness

Chapter 255 – Secrets Lie Beneath

David Mackintosh expertly navigates the hive of activity within the Printworks Yard on Princes Street and brings the carriage to a halt. I observe Alexander Campbell, a General amongst his troops, maintaining the required high tempo. The tramline map has been a considerable success, and every Glaswegian wants a copy. This new artery, flowing through … Continue reading Chapter 255 – Secrets Lie Beneath

Chapter 254 – Checking For Completeness

Hope Street. 2nd November 1872. Deadline day for the cartography design of Glasgow South, and Margaret Scott awaits one last review. I walk to No. 123, where the Thompson & French HQ sign rocks gently in the morning Autumnal breeze, beckoning me into the inner sanctum of the most important building in my world.I proceed … Continue reading Chapter 254 – Checking For Completeness