Chapter 84 – The Edinburgh Office

Edinburgh has been home for a month. After my last meeting with James, where I added additional areas to map in Glasgow, I agreed to base here and support him during February. I sit in my top floor office, which looks out on the Firth of Forth, contemplating our progress. James has successfully established the … Continue reading Chapter 84 – The Edinburgh Office

Chapter 83 – Together We Play

Saturday afternoon arrives quickly and we head for Queens Park Recreation Ground. My wife Emilia has our sons, Lewis and Adair, either side of her, whilst I hold my daughter Arabella’s hand and carry the football under my other arm. Swissy, barks and charges between our two groups excitedly. We meet Alexander Campbell at 3 … Continue reading Chapter 83 – Together We Play

Chapter 81 – Beyond City Limits

We sit in Alexander Campbell’s office; the heart of Thompson & French’s printing operation. The interior glass walls provide constant views of the floor below. Alexander leaves and James Hogg and I discuss the Dean of Guild Contract. James lays out the part completed map of Glasgow South. “Excellent progress, however, we need to show … Continue reading Chapter 81 – Beyond City Limits

Chapter 80 – Print Works Inspection

I stand in the yard of my Print Works and check my pocket watch, which reveals precisely 8 o’clock. The gate opens and Alexander Campbell, my Print Works Manager, marches in.  “Good morning, Alexander”, I said. The look on the man’s face remains steadfast. “I always believe a surprise visit reveals all. Don’t you think?” … Continue reading Chapter 80 – Print Works Inspection

Chapter 79 – Dawn, Glasgow, 1872

Dawn. How often are you awake for it? This beautiful uncontrollable event happens every day of your life and convinces you the world is still spinning. This morning’s sun is particularly warm and invigorating, as I stand on the top of Camp Hill, where the City sleeps beneath me. The Campsies are Glasgow's white northern … Continue reading Chapter 79 – Dawn, Glasgow, 1872

Chapter 78 – Hogmanay Dinner Party

I head upstairs to the bedrooms, escorting, Arabella, Lewis and Adair, to their room.  “Read us the last chapter again?” they all chorus.  Charles’ Dickens work is explored once more and I finish with Tiny Tim’s immortal words, “God bless Us, Every One!” I head downstairs to the hall, where Emelia has gathered the guests. … Continue reading Chapter 78 – Hogmanay Dinner Party

Chapter 77 – The Whisky Man

Our grandfather clock strikes eight times, waking me from my gentle slumber. I am extremely excited, as tonight we celebrate the coming of 1872.  I head to the kitchen and find Agnes, our Housekeeper, hard at work preparing our sumptuous feast for this evening.  “The joints of meat are prepared for roasting, well-stuffed turkeys are … Continue reading Chapter 77 – The Whisky Man

Chapter 76 – Captain v President

Henry Smith, Club President, stands proudly with his team, facing James Smith, Club Captain, where I, and his band of men, stand ready for the final interclub game of 1871. This is particularly poignant, as James is heading to London, following in his brother’s footsteps, where I am sure he will continue to serve Queens … Continue reading Chapter 76 – Captain v President

Chapter 75 – A Powerful Combination

Robert’s abundant ambition, creativity and arrogance lead to regular frustration at the way the world currently works. He sees the guardians of the world’s boundaries, authority and control, as unnecessary evils. Every so often, these boundaries are dropped, and today is one of those days. Robert triumphantly rolls out the large map and his eyes … Continue reading Chapter 75 – A Powerful Combination