Chapter 261 – Two Dunnage Warehouses

The warehouses are a more industrial affair. The first warehouse has one-meter thick walls made of red Corncockle stone, with the ground floor covered in gravel, with each floor consisting of wooden beams and iron girders, with wooden planks laid across them.

“These floors, with narrow gaps between the planks, allows cool air to rise through the building, and will provide us with a long-term storage facility for our finest whiskies.”

We walk over to the second warehouse and stand on the ground floor.

“The blending and bottling departments will be situated on the first two floors, with loading bays and an excise office. The remaining floors will provide additional storage space. We will situate the cooperage at the rear of the building, where we will train up the finest coopers to make our barrels and return them on the empty ships to Islay.”, said Emelia.

“How many barrels do you think this will hold?” I asked.

Emelia responded instantly, “One thousand, eight hundred and seventy-two barrels, if my calculations are correct.”

I burst out laughing, whilst the two agents, who could not comprehend a women of Emelia’s inteligence, guile and commercial understanding, were utterly dumbfounded by her quick wit.

“Where do we sign, Gentlemen?” said Emelia.

The documents are quickly signed, and Kilnave Whisky Distillers has a new home.

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