Football’s Square Mile


Today, The Hampden Collection announces its plans to build the World’s Biggest ‘Open Air’ football museum in the South Side of Glasgow, Scotland.

Our museum will be Football’s Square Mile and become the World’s most important football heritage site. Our planned ‘Open Air’ Museum will stretch across Queens Park, Crosshill and Mount Florida. The Queens Park Recreation Ground and The Three Hampden Parks (soon to be four) are the ‘cradle’ of the modern passing and running game of Football. This brand of Football, developed by the Scots over centuries, is now enjoyed by over 3.5 billion people around the World.

Yes, Scotland did indeed teach the World to play Football. Ah, you want to talk about that annoying song by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightening Seeds from Euro 96? Unfortunately, these musicians and comedians were sucked into believing England’s Charles Alcock’s mischievous writings, who peddled a story about England being the inventors and masters of Football at the start of the 20th Century. Complete nonsense. The joke is entirely on them.

Everything you know today about Football is Scottish:

The Scotch Professors created the passing, running and inclusive game of Football and transported it to every corner of the planet.

The Scotch Professors built the World’s first purposefully built, enclosed football ground and is 1st Hampden. The Queens Park FC Master Stadium Builders perfected the football stadium with two later incarnations of 2nd and 3rd Hampden. Every stadium builder since has copied this template.

And of course, Football is today viewed by a global audience? Would this audience have 24/7 access to Football without the inventions of the Television and Telephone? Both invented by the genius of Scots.

Our first brick in this new ‘Open Air’ Football Museum was another marvel from our Artist In Residence, Ashley Rawson, who designed the 1st Hampden Mural, proudly on the back of the Hampden Bowling Club Pavilion from September 2019. Charles Alcock would never explain how on earth the result could have happened – SCOTLAND 5 – 1 ENGLAND.

Over the next 10 years, we will continue building our ‘Open Air’ Museum, stretching from 1st Hampden to 3rd Hampden, with Cathkin (2nd Hampden) in the middle, and will include 4th Hampden, once it has finished construction.

The beauty of this ‘Open Air’ Museum is that it’s completely free of charge. No pesky queues, no opening or closing times, and complete access to all. You don’t even have to book, and of course, it’s Covid-Safe with social distancing as a genius ingredient of its design. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, and off you go.

Would you like to find out more about our plans for the World’s Biggest and Most Important ‘Open Air’ Football Museum? We would love to hear your thoughts. Go to our contact page and email us to find out what we are up too.

Our mission is to bring our footballing heritage back from those that have either re-written it or done nothing with it. Football is the ‘Peoples’ Beautiful Game’, crafted and created in Scotland for the World to enjoy. And finally, when the Euro’s come to Hampden in the Summer, Football is indeed, “Coming Hame” to Football’s Square Mile.

This is the most important football heritage site on the planet.