Chapter 263 – Pursuit of Perfection

I cannot sleep tonight. The printing presses of Princes Street whirr away in my mind. Our new business venture commences the day after we hand over the map to the Dean of Guild and is a considered calculation of risk; and is the perfect way to keep the competition guessing. The day we become predictable is the day we become easy to beat.

Thompson & French’s course is now firmly set. I’m delighted for Emelia, sleeping beside me, with her company and household now secured.

The relentless pursuit of perfection keeps me conscious, with one final task keeping me awake.

I stealthy remove myself from bed and dress quickly in the adjacent room before proceeding to the front door with an oil lamp in my hand. There, waiting in the darkness, is Duke, my faithful companion, with his lead in his mouth. As if he knew what was going to happen tonight.

I hear the grandfather clock strike three times as I close the door. We head out into the night and walk to
Queen’s Park Recreation Ground, with the moon guiding us. The trivial pursuit of football now beckons. I stand and look across the deserted playing fields.

The football nation of England is coming to Glasgow: time to put on a show they, and the world, will never forget.

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