World Home of Football Poetry

More than just a poetry collection

The Hampden Collection created its poetry section on 26th March 2018, with Stephen Watt as its inaugural Poet In Chief. Stephen handed over the baton to our current leader Jim Mackintosh, who has been in charge of our Poetry Collection since 2019, with Julie McNeill taking over in late 2021.

Julie is a rising star of the poetry world, who gives everyone who loves the beautiful game, an opportunity to put ‘pen to paper’. All submissions are carefully reviewed and the best are included within the finest collection of football poetry on the planet.

In line with our Scottish Footballing heritage and hosted from the World Home of Football at 1st Hampden, our mission is inclusive, diverse and equal, and you will see our three streams of poetry make up a a remarkable collection for everyone to enjoy.

SWNT Poets society

Click here for SWNT Poets Society

SWNT is the world’s first National Football Team Poetry Society, launched in 2019 and contains over 40 poems. The inclusive nature of the collection is exemplified by this brilliant example by Mary Ann Kennedy, which was published on our website in both Gaelic and Scots.

primo poetica

Click here for Primo Poetica

Primo Poetica (First Poetry) was launched in 2020, with over 20 poems, encouraging football wordsmiths to share their football thoughts. Here is a fine example from David Bleiman, showcasing our encouragement of poetry in all languages.

braw words

Click here for Braw Words

Braw Words is our latest venture, launched in 2021, for our young poets from across the country, aged 5 – 18 years of age. As Grant explains, “Football is always the winner”, illustrating our mission is to encourage young people to explain their football emotions through the written word.

Meet our Brilliant Poetry team

Jim Mackintosh leads our mission to encourage the masses to put ‘pen to paper’ and submit their work into our growing poetry collection, heralding their football heroes.

Poet In Chief and Primo Poetica Curator

Julie McNeill is the first Makar of the Scottish Women’s National Team, and is capturing the most important voices in Scottish football, the women, children and young people, who love to watch and play the game.

SWNT Makar and Bairns Bard


  • Jim Mackintosh
  • Stephen Watt
  • Thomas Clark
  • Christine Knox
  • Julie McNeill
  • Gayle Smith
  • Karyn Dougan Buckland
  • Finola Scott
  • Kevin Graham
  • Elaine McKay
  • Marcas Mac An Tuairneir
  • Pauline Barkley
  • Tom Murray
  • Peter Clive
  • David Cameron
  • Graeme Brown
  • Janet Crawford
  • Nicole Carter
  • Alastair McIver
  • Leela Soma
  • John Young
  • David McDonald
  • Morag Anderson
  • Mary Ann Kennedy
  • Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
  • Gabrielle Barnby
  • David McVey
  • Rebecca McLean
  • Maya Halcrow
  • Abiy Orr


  • Stuart Kenny
  • David Bleiman
  • Victoria McNulty
  • James Andrew
  • Jessica Wortley
  • Julie McNeill
  • Ross McWhinnie
  • Darren Sempie
  • Mike Conlon
  • Hugh James Brown
  • Jim Aitken
  • Neil Leadbetter
  • Tom Murray
  • Sam McCartney
  • Lindsay Craik
  • Peter Findlay
  • Iain Mills
  • Alun Robert
  • Gabrielle Barnby


  • Grace Lawther
  • Grant Kerr
  • Maya Halcrow
  • David Molka
  • Aylei Pickup