Graeme Brown is the driving force behind the Hampden Collection. In 2017, he discovered the only map in existence of the World’s First Purposefully Built International Football Ground, the 1st Hampden Park.

Founder of the Hampden Collection and Bar Convenor of Hampden Bowling Club, Graeme’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote the wonderful story of all 3 Hampden Parks.  Graeme manages all communications, websites, social-media and co-ordinates all activity for the Hampden Collection. He is a fundraiser, having run over 30 x 10ks to support the mission, put 1st Hampden on the Glasgow Doors Open Day map and featured on BBC Radio Scotland, countless newspapers and featured on Sky Sports News; reading poetry.

Graeme is currently retelling the story of Football through his first book, “Football Queens & Kings – Scotland, Invention and Football”, which is published every Sunday at 8:30pm on the Hampden Collection Media platform. At 220 words a chapter, this is a map of the greatest gift Scotland gave to the world: the beautiful game and the infrastructure to watch it in. His aim is to publish this by 30th November 2022, which is the 150th anniversary of the World’s First International Football Match.


Graeme stumbled across Hampden Bowling Club in 2011, when he moved into Kingsley Avenue, adjacent to the Club. A letter came through the door, which explained how the club was in desperate times and if the community did not join, then due to dwindling membership, it would likely shut.

On his first visit, he was told the story of the Bowling Club being on the site of the 1st Hampden. A proud Scot, member of the community and always standing up for the underdog, Graeme has been on a mission to ensure that Hampden Bowling Club will continue to be in existence for another 100 years and become the hub telling the story of the 3 Hampden Parks to the world.

This chance meeting changed his life forever. Graeme created all three campaigns, #Restore1stHampden, #KeepHampdenRoaring and #1stHampdenMural, raising money, awareness and celebrating the history of the site. Graeme’s roles include Secretary, Treasury, House Convenor and now Bar Convenor of Hampden Bowling Club, and proudly ensured that it has a future. See more on Hampden Bowling Club at

Photo Credit: As featured in the Guardian Article by Libby Brooks, “It’s not just for codgers’: bowls confronts its image problem”. Photograph: Katherine Anne Rose/The Observer