Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 89 – England v Scotland

James Hogg and I stand transfixed as the game kicks off. “Which players are missing from Scotland’s ranks?”, I ask the gentleman in front. “Quintin Hogg and Henry Renny-Tailyour sustained severe injuries this week. Gladstone is unavailable.”, replied the man. Muir Mackenzie, Scottish Captain, allows England to play with the wind behind them in the … Continue reading Chapter 89 – England v Scotland

Chapter 88 – Football Match Preview

We board our carriage and head for Kennington Oval via the Vauxhall Bridge. I hand The Morning Post to James Hogg, which contains an excellent match preview, including the names of the ‘English players and Scotchmen of the metropolis’. “Mr W. H. Gladstone M.P.  is most likely to play for Scotland?”, said James. “Yes, he … Continue reading Chapter 88 – Football Match Preview

Chapter 85 – The Dapper Gentleman

Edinburgh Waverley is the beating drum of the city, where the variety of life is fascinating. The difference is clear between people rushing to their work and those slowly taking in the city for the first time. James Hogg arrives. “Good morning.”, I said. The smile on James’ face is ear to ear.  “I have … Continue reading Chapter 85 – The Dapper Gentleman

Chapter 84 – The Edinburgh Office

Edinburgh has been home for a month. After my last meeting with James, where I added additional areas to map in Glasgow, I agreed to base here and support him during February. I sit in my top floor office, which looks out on the Firth of Forth, contemplating our progress. James has successfully established the … Continue reading Chapter 84 – The Edinburgh Office

Chapter 83 – Together We Play

Saturday afternoon arrives quickly and we head for Queens Park Recreation Ground. My wife Emilia has our sons, Lewis and Adair, either side of her, whilst I hold my daughter Arabella’s hand and carry the football under my other arm. Swissy, barks and charges between our two groups excitedly. We meet Alexander Campbell at 3 … Continue reading Chapter 83 – Together We Play

Chapter 81 – Beyond City Limits

We sit in Alexander Campbell’s office; the heart of Thompson & French’s printing operation. The interior glass walls provide constant views of the floor below. Alexander leaves and James Hogg and I discuss the Dean of Guild Contract. James lays out the part completed map of Glasgow South. “Excellent progress, however, we need to show … Continue reading Chapter 81 – Beyond City Limits

Chapter 80 – Print Works Inspection

I stand in the yard of my Print Works and check my pocket watch, which reveals precisely 8 o’clock. The gate opens and Alexander Campbell, my Print Works Manager, marches in.  “Good morning, Alexander”, I said. The look on the man’s face remains steadfast. “I always believe a surprise visit reveals all. Don’t you think?” … Continue reading Chapter 80 – Print Works Inspection