Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 169 – Doon The Watter

Thompson & French's Glasgow's and Edinburgh's office staff have renewed vigour, clear direction and inspiring confidence. My expansion into England is on hold; however, I am developing a team to take on this future challenge. The surveillance of England continues with a further trip south planned on my return.Our carriage arrives at Broomielaw Street, and … Continue reading Chapter 169 – Doon The Watter

Chapter 168 – Focussing The Mind

Margaret Scott and I are planning out the new floor of Thompson & French, “My vision will create different floors dedicated to the sequential stages of contract delivery.”Margaret paces, absorbing every corner and facet; as if drawing the floor into her brain. “We now own this building?”“Yes.”“And I can do anything I want with this?”“Yes. … Continue reading Chapter 168 – Focussing The Mind

Chapter 167 – Margaret Macquarrie Scott

The best part of my job is getting told things you already know. Anne alerted me to Margaret Scott’s new appointment to run the Dean of Guild Contract during our morning briefing.I walk out into the office and walk over towards Margaret’s desk. Margaret was brought up in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, and has an artistic, creative … Continue reading Chapter 167 – Margaret Macquarrie Scott

Chapter 166 – Hope Street, Headquarters

The following morning I take the train into Glasgow and enjoy the walk up Hope Street. In the office reception, Anne, our receptionist, is in deep conversation with one of the cartographers. The discussion ends abruptly, but I am sure I hear ‘Mary’ mentioned in the final phrase.“Good morning.”, I said.Margaret, one of Thompson & … Continue reading Chapter 166 – Hope Street, Headquarters

Chapter 165 – Smashing Through Boundaries

The new machinery gleams in the sunlight, “The genius of your design, requires minimal staff, and allowed the plan to be accelerated.”, I said.“All we need to do now is to take down the fence.”, said Alexander.“Great minds think alike.”, I said, and we walk over to the fence separating the two sites, where I … Continue reading Chapter 165 – Smashing Through Boundaries

Chapter 164 – Our Intellectual Property

Alexander Campbell stands, arms crossed, with a demeanour fractured by guilt, “I see you’ve installed an Otis steam elevator?““One of your elaborate necessities.”Alexander dissects his predicament, “I have a small black book, where I logged all my ideas and created a future printworks design.”“You mean this one?” I said, pulling a black book out of … Continue reading Chapter 164 – Our Intellectual Property

Chapter 163 – Printworks Number Two

"I have always had my eye on this. Fortunately, it came up for sale, and I snapped it up.", I said.Alexander Campbell and I walk around the newly paved yard and loading bay. I hand him the keys, and Alexander stands in bewilderment, looking at them, chewing on the puzzle confronting him.Finally, Alexander composes himself, … Continue reading Chapter 163 – Printworks Number Two

Chapter 162 – Alexander Cullen Campbell

In Glasgow's Southside, Princes Street is perfectly positioned close, with easy access to the city and all routes to the South, West and East by road. Furthermore, the street is situated less than half a mile from Springfield Quay, providing access to the world via the Clutha.I stand beside Alexander Campbell outside the adjacent site … Continue reading Chapter 162 – Alexander Cullen Campbell

Chapter 161 – Essential Lateral Thinking

Thompson & French's Printworks resides on Princes Street, four hundred yards from Eglinton Toll. I proceed discreetly to Alexander Campbell's office."So we have a problem?", I ask Alexander, who is nose deep in reams of paper.Alexander doesn't look up, "We have tried everything to lower production costs.""How long have you been sitting here?""Nine hours.""Would you … Continue reading Chapter 161 – Essential Lateral Thinking

Chapter 160 – Product Test Completion

The question about the new tram system's repercussions for current transport methods hangs in the air. As if David Mackintosh had just witnessed the future and didn't like it. Glasgow Bridge provides an excellent vantage point to look up the Clutha, which bustles with ships traversing the globe, transporting their goods. Do they fear their … Continue reading Chapter 160 – Product Test Completion