Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 198 – Inaugural athletics festival

I find my fellow organisers of the inaugural Queen’s Park Athletics Festival, and we gather in for a briefing on the events ahead of us. Archibald Rae is in command, and he has been managed this with military precision. He hands us a running order for tonight’s events.“There are two races tonight. Like our football, … Continue reading Chapter 198 – Inaugural athletics festival

Chapter 195 – Challenge Into Opportunity

“And now there are eleven.”, I said, turning to face Mary, who always makes an entrance.“I hand-delivered the letters and explained our situation.”, said Mary.“Thanks. And their reaction?”“Your biggest clients are reasonable and will wait. Others are disgruntled and are moving to Carey & Fortis.”Underneath my skin, I could feel my blood boil, and my … Continue reading Chapter 195 – Challenge Into Opportunity

Chapter 192 – Devotion, Occupation, Vocation

My carriage awaits in front of the Berkeley Street Tenement, with David Mackintosh opening the doors.“David, for once, I will be your coachman. Robert is sick, a third of my workforce are not leaving this building until they are well, and in the meantime I will take back the Glasgow Office’s reigns.”David nods, hands me … Continue reading Chapter 192 – Devotion, Occupation, Vocation

Chapter 190 – Sickness and worry

I knock on the door of the first flat in the tenement block, and Hugh Hudson answers with a troubled face. “What’s wrong?” I ask.“Robert is sick. He has a fever.”, said Hugh.My stomach sinks, “Has the doctor examined him?”“Yes. Mrs Struth sent for him immediately, and he prescribed everything possible. Only time will tell.”Mrs … Continue reading Chapter 190 – Sickness and worry