Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 111 – Union Is Strength

I proceed back through the Trongate, turning right onto Glassford Street and admire the elegant architecture from ground level to their rooftops.  The Trades Hall, situated at No. 85, is a work of genius from Robert Adam and was completed in 1794. This meeting point of fourteen incorporated guilds, representing the finest array of specialisms … Continue reading Chapter 111 – Union Is Strength

Chapter 110 – The Tontine Hotel

Trongate’s Tontine Hotel, constructed in 1781 by William Hamilton, is one of my favourite Glasgow institutions. Sitting in this beautiful cafe, I explain to Robert how a Tontine is an investment scheme for raising capital and devised in 1653 by a Neapolitan Banker, Lorenzo Tonti. Each investor buys a share and rewarded with an annual … Continue reading Chapter 110 – The Tontine Hotel

Chapter 109 – Glasgow Town Council

Robert and I walk down Hope Street, turn left onto Argyle Street and stop at the junction with Glassford Street, marking the start of the Trongate.  "How much have you learned, Robert, about Glasgow's Town Council’s origins?" “Glasgow Town Council was originally housed at the Tollbooth, governs the city, holds the Justiciary and levies duties … Continue reading Chapter 109 – Glasgow Town Council

Chapter 108 – John Edgar Grant

First port of call this morning is meeting John Grant, who is my eyes and ears of the office. Thompson & French’s Head Clerk, hailing from Dufftown, ensures our ship sails around personnel rocks rather than crashing into them. The office diary is reviewed, meetings planned, documents placed in prioritised order and office gossip considered. … Continue reading Chapter 108 – John Edgar Grant

Chapter 105 – Fortune Favours Bravery

The oak door creaks open and I venture into the darkness, reaching for the safety lamp. Controversially, there are several competing claims for the invention of this device, including William Clanny, George Stephenson and Humphry Davy. We always buy Stephenson’s Geordie Lamps, hailing from England’s North East, instead of the lamp from Davy, who ‘borrowed’ … Continue reading Chapter 105 – Fortune Favours Bravery

Chapter 103 – Health Is Everything

Tonight I look for solace and head out into Strathbungo’s finest avenue. A place named Moray and built by the greatest architect of modern times. The evening is lit by lamps, beautiful in their simplicity and composed in their regularity. I hear a familiar voice from across the fence. “How was your business trip?”, asks … Continue reading Chapter 103 – Health Is Everything