Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 254 – Checking For Completeness

Hope Street. 2nd November 1872. Deadline day for the cartography design of Glasgow South, and Margaret Scott awaits one last review. I walk to No. 123, where the Thompson & French HQ sign rocks gently in the morning Autumnal breeze, beckoning me into the inner sanctum of the most important building in my world.I proceed … Continue reading Chapter 254 – Checking For Completeness

Chapter 252 – Acorns Sewn Deep

With the Dunbartonshire faithful now satisfied and the association football acorn sowed deep into the Vale, I return to Glasgow in my carriage. David Wotherspoon and I finalise what is required to organise the game against England.Through my rugby friends, I have heard there is a plan for a Glasgow District v Edinburgh District match … Continue reading Chapter 252 – Acorns Sewn Deep

Chapter 251 – Parkneuk Exhibition Match

One of the most challenging problems in life is when work overtakes everything, and your recreational vocation goes on hold."You have to go. I delivered Queen's Park invitation personally.", said Anne Elliot, my steadfast receptionist. "There is interest from across the county for this exhibition match.""I understand, Anne, but the repercussions are enormous if we … Continue reading Chapter 251 – Parkneuk Exhibition Match

Chapter 250 – Forged In Poetry

There is nothing harder in life. The prospect of your hardest working, most accomplished and innovative protégé, moving to your bitterest of rivals. Robert MacLeod was the shining diamond of Thompson & French’s staff, which Carey & Fortis has prized away with no recompense or favour.I swirl the teaspoon in my teacup, provided by Mrs … Continue reading Chapter 250 – Forged In Poetry

Chapter 248 – Organisational Sucker Punch

Over the next four weeks, Margaret and I focus the entire Glasgow operation on completing the Dean of Guild contract."Margaret, please summon everyone together at 3 o'clock this afternoon.", I said.I make my way out of the office onto Hope Street, where the characteristically horizontal rain greeted me. Today, nothing will get in my way, … Continue reading Chapter 248 – Organisational Sucker Punch

Chapter 245 – Expecting The Unexpected

The following day, Iain Falcon and I prepare to leave Prestwick and Malcolm Anderson for his journalistic tasks. As promised, David Mackintosh is waiting at the hotel's entrance at ten o'clock, and we board the carriage."I wondered if you would come and find out how this went?" I said to Mary, looking her usual elegant … Continue reading Chapter 245 – Expecting The Unexpected