Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 232 – Pies & Porter

We make our way to the reception for the Airdrie players, where a delicious feast of meat pies, sourced from Thomas Lipton’s of Stobcross Street, is being devoured by the hungry players, washed down by an Extra Superior Porter, known nowadays as Extra Stout.“This is from Dublin and is excellent. Thomas recommended it.”, I said.“This … Continue reading Chapter 232 – Pies & Porter

Chapter 229 – Vale of Leven

“Can you stop thinking about Queen’s Park for one moment?” said Anne, glowing red and grabbing back the Lennox Herald.I immediately compose myself, “Read on, Anne.”Anne shuffles in her chair, straightens her back and reads aloud, “At a meeting of young men, held on Tuesday evening 20th August, a foot-ball club was formed here. A … Continue reading Chapter 229 – Vale of Leven

Chapter 228 – Anne Armstrong Elliot

Agnes hands me the Glasgow Herald at breakfast the following morning, where the opening article is entitled: 'Inauguration of the Tramway System in Glasgow'."The tramway opened for public use, and the excitement during the entire day was extraordinary. At each station, there was a rush to gain seats.", I said, reading the article aloud."The final … Continue reading Chapter 228 – Anne Armstrong Elliot

Chapter 227 – Changing the world

The tram pulls into the Cambridge Street Depot, and everyone gathers at the lead tramcar, where the Lord Provost ascends its steps. I look around at the gathering, and Mary, Margaret and Ann of Thompson & French, stand out amongst Glasgow's gentry."The world changes today.", I whispered into Mary's ear."Every day, we change it.", said … Continue reading Chapter 227 – Changing the world

Chapter 226 – Glasgow’s New Artery

Our tram traverses the Clutha, with its usual hive of activity as Scotland's busiest waterway. On top of an open-top tram smoothly gliding along new rails, the views up the river are an absolute pleasure."This tramway is genius, linking Glasgow's West End with the two central stations in the city, Caledonian Railway Station in Cowcaddens, … Continue reading Chapter 226 – Glasgow’s New Artery

Chapter 225 – Glasgow’s Tram Experience

The journey begins at five minutes to noon, when there is a loud cheer from the assembled masses. The seven trams are each pulled by four horses, three abreast with one in front, under the guidance of their immaculately dressed postilion in uniform. The postilion’s entire job is controlling speed, with only one direction possible … Continue reading Chapter 225 – Glasgow’s Tram Experience

Chapter 223 – Advertising Glasgow’s Finest

I make my way toward Henry Carey and Edward Fortis. "Gentlemen, you look surprised.""We'll let you have your final, small victory.", said Henry Carey, cutting the air with an upper-class swipe of indignation."Have you considered our proposal?" asked Edward Fortis."I am intrigued you were unable to deliver your ultimatum?"Edward and Henry start laughing. "We both … Continue reading Chapter 223 – Advertising Glasgow’s Finest