Chapter 269 – Scotch Mist Rises

The Thompson & French office clock strikes four times, and Anne knocks at my office door and enters.

“Memorandum from Alexander Campbell: ‘The Printworks is ready for tomorrow'”, said Anne.

“Thanks, Anne.”, I said, crossing out the Calendar’s number twenty-nine.

I follow her and meet Margaret Scott and John Grant to inspect the busy ground and first floors before walking into her office.

“Our tramline map success is attracting new clients.”, said a rejuvenated Margaret.

“Excellent news, Margaret. Congratulations on rescuing our situation, where you’ve proven yourself beyond measure. In return, I am delighted to offer you the Directorship of the Glasgow Cartography Business.”, I said.

Margaret is, for once, lost for words and slowly nods in acceptance.

“I will leave John to sort the details.”

I walk up to the second and third floors, where I inspect Malcolm Anderson and his new team frantically at work.

“No time to waste.”, he shouts, giving me a thumbs up.

I leave the office in the evening dusk and travel to Partick, where I meet David Wotherspoon at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground.

“Scotland is ready.”, said David.

“In more ways than one.”, I said.

We look out across the new football field, where clouds of mist gather, as if six centuries of Scottish footballers are convening to watch our football match.

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