Chapter 260 – Kilnave Headquarters, Glasgow

Our carriage travels down Eglinton Street onto Bridge Street and takes a left turn before the Railway Station. King Street runs parallel to the Clyde, with both ends of the street marked by Dale Street and Commercial Street, with Centre Street breaking it into two. In this grid, there are three prominent buildings; a sizeable vacant office building flanked by a large bonded warehouse on either side, with Clyde Place at the rear.

We descend from our carriage and peer up at the two bonded warehouses, covered with windows with heavy bars; and large iron doors guarding their precious goods. The central building, in comparison, is a masterpiece of blond sandstone across seven floors, with each floor denoted by ornate sculptures and figures.

We meet two agents representing the owner who ushers us into the central building.

“Wait till you see the top floor.”, whispered an excited Emelia.

The elegant entrance hallway has large marble floors, columns and a stairwell, sweeping up into the first-floor landing. We review each floor in turn until we reach the seventh floor.
The expansive floor is cast in warm light by the floor-to-ceiling windows on both the north and south facades, providing spectacular panoramic views across the city.

“I could drink a lot of whisky up here.”, I said.

Emelia smiled, “Onto the warehouses.”

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