Chapter 266 – Earning Your Place

At Midday on Saturday, 9th November, I ensure everyone leaves the office on time. Five minutes later, Malcolm Anderson arrives clad in a field jacket, plus-fours, knee-high boots and a leather bag.

I open the door laughing, “You’re going to a football match, not a pheasant shoot.”

“The weather is atrocious, and I came prepared.”, said Malcolm.

I show Malcolm to my office and avoid idle chat, “The Scotland v England match will be on St Andrew’s Day and not 23rd November.”

“So we are delaying one week. Not to worry; all things are in hand.”

“I believe we have a problem.”


“The deadline remains. You must deliver everything to the Printworks on the evening of 30th November.”

Malcolm stands up, puts his hands on my bureau, looks straight into my eyes, and says, “That’s impossible.”

“The great thing about this company is we find a way. Let’s go to the practice match and discuss it on the journey.”

We arrive at the Queen’s Park Recreational Ground after a heated debate and find a group of players trying to shelter from the wind and rain.

“The pitch looks more like marsh and pond.”, said Malcolm.

“Your mission is to speak to every one of these players, their history and ambitions. We will shortcut the process and meet our deadline.”

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