Political Support

On the 3rd May 2018, in the greatest debating chamber in the land a debate took place that marked a significant milestone for our grassroots campaign to ensure the future of Hampden Park. It also marked the highlight of our #KeepHampdenRoaring Campaign.

The Hampden Collection furnished James Dornan MSP with information for his speech in the Scottish Parliament. He explained how “Hampden Park is in this great nation’s psyche. It has been an integral part of day to day life for Scotland since it’s construction in 1903”.

There were many passionate expressions of support for the campaign across the chamber.

Johann Lamont said ‘National funding and national pride have been invested in Hampden. Hampden attracts football, concerts and conferences and is also an important part of Glasgow’s success as one of the top sporting venues in the world.”

There were many favourite Hampden moments recalled for the debate but what was important was the recognition that our heritage and memories make us who we are.
But it is not just about Glasgow. Any other country would give their right arm for the history, heritage and provenance of what Scotland has given to the footballing world, including the development of the modern passing game that was created on this hallowed turf. The MSPs were sending a firm message that day. Our message.

“Scotland invented football and Hampden is it’s home”.

Watch the debate again at:

MSPs Debate The Future of Hampden in Scottish Parliament