Poet In Chief III

Julie McNeill, our Poet In Chief, welcomes you to ‘The World Home of Football Poetry’. The Hampden Collection is the world headquarters of Football poetry with a succession of Poet’s in Chief, Makar of the first ever Women’s International Football Team Poets Society (aka #SWNTPoetsSociety) and Bairns Bard of the only Football Youth Poetry Club in the world (aka #BrawWords).

Poet In Chief III – 28th November 2021

Julie was the Hampden Collection Makar for the SWNT Poet’s Society and started Braw Words to promote the voices of the football bairns. She is the poet in residence at St Mirren FC CF, the only female poet in the world attached to a professional football club.

Her debut poetry collection ‘Ragged Rainbows’ is available through Dreich Publishers and she has also co-authored a book for children and families with dyslexia ‘Mission Dyslexia’ published by JKP Books.

Julie says ‘it’s a great honour to follow in the footsteps of previous Hampden Collection poets Jim Mackintosh and Stephen Watt who have done so much to nurture the Hampden Collection Poetry offering. This is a unique and important collection and I’m delighted they have entrusted me with it. So – send me your poems, be part of the story…the greatest story ever told, the birth and life of football itself and the celebration of all its highs and lows.’

You can follow Julie on Twitter @JulieMcNeill1 and her Facebook Page @thesoulscribbler

THC15 – Pass it on

We are nothing without someone to pass to
an open foot bent to cushion the ball
or a hand to raise up when we inevitably fall
because everybody falls.

The twelfth man or woman
to heat up the car, to get us there,
no matter ow far, to dab the skint knees
or give us a much needed ruffle of the hair

the power is always in the crowd
willing us on.
In the numbers standing proud.
We are all guardians of our history

and as the magic of our game
sweeps us all away 
it’s our job to remember the build up.
To remember where it started

Who started it
Where and when

and then
to take it as far as we can
before raising our heads to pass it on,
because we are nothing without someone to pass to.

by Julie McNeill