Artist In Residence

We are finding new ways to share this incredible story of 3 Hampden Parks. We are doing this through the power of video, graphic design, art, poetry, social media, web design and there are even a couple of books on the go. We are finding that the creative talents of our team are the most effective ways of grabbing the attention of the wider world. 

Ashley Rawson is our Artist In Residence and is a well-known Glasgow Artist producing   a variety of thought provoking and inspiring pieces of art. Most notably the ‘Glasgow Kiss’ which depicts a coming together of both sides of the Old Firm, breaking down seemingly unbreakable barriers. Ashley is Head of Content at the National Trust for Scotland.

Ashley explains further: ‘As a resident of Crosshill it’s always amazed and disappointed me that the fascinating history of the area isn’t recognised, celebrated and invested in. First Hampden (now the Hampden Bowling Club and Kingsley Rose Garden) was the world’s first national football ground where Scotland thumped England 7-2 back in 1878! I for one think that’s a fact worth celebrating. By collectively working for the recognition of greater Hampden we might even inspire the current Scotland team to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat now and then!’

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