Chapter 262 – Six Park Gardens

I congratulate Emelia on her new headquarters in the carriage over to the West End.
“You never cease to amaze me.”, I said.

“Do you think my brothers will approve?” said Emelia.

“Angus, Dougal and Lachlan will conclude this vindicates your appointment. When will it be ready?”

“The Grand Opening will be on Angus’ birthday on 13th March 1873, which gives me a little over five months.”

“A tight timeline.”

Emelia looks out of the window, where Glasgow speeds past her, “We must act fast before the rest catch up. These headquarters will put Islay whisky distilling ahead of the Lowlands, Campbeltown and Speyside Valley.”

I admire the strength of Emelia’s spirit and the considerable burden placed on her shoulders. I reach over and grasp her hands.

“We are taking on the world, my love.”

“You do keep saying, ‘Fortune favours the brave’.”

“Indeed, and whilst we sort out our two companies, we must sort out our home.”

The carriage stops, and Flora opens the doors at the townhouse entrance of Six Park Gardens.

“Our new family headquarters, where we’ll escape the world of work. “

“And what a place.”, I said.

Before the evening ends, we signed the paperwork, met our new Governess, and agree to move in on Christmas Day, 1872.

This townhouse is the best Christmas present ever.

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