Chapter 268 – Rampant Lion Uniform

For many, the following day is the Day of Rest; however, David Wotherspoon and I complete one final review in his living room.

“The venue, policing and tickets?” I asked.

“The West of Scotland Cricket Ground and policing are agreed, and tickets printed.”, said David.

“Entry charge?”

“One shilling.”

“Teams selected?”

“Robert Gardner is Captain, and the Scotland team are all Queen’s Park members, with a formation of two-two-six. The Football Association have a one-one-eight formation; however, Charles Alcock is injured and will be one of the umpires instead.”

“A great shame. I would’ve liked Charles to face a true Scottish team. Train fares, accommodation and hospitality?”

“We have paid for everything, and we’ll hold the post-match dinner in Carrick’s Royal Hotel.”

“Fine Scottish hospitality. Anything else?”

“You’ve forgotten the most important one.”

“What’s that?”

“Come with me. We’ve invested eight shillings in this final task.”,

We go to the kitchen and find David’s sister hand-stitching red lion rampant badges onto dark blue Queen’s Park Football Club jerseys.

“Lovely to see you, Marion.”, I said.

“Just in time. What do you think?” said Marion, holding up one of our new uniforms.

“They are perfect. The lion rampant signifies you are playing for Scotland.”, said David.

I eagerly try one on, knowing this is the only time I will wear one.

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