Friday 3rd March 2018 was a massive day for the Hampden Collection. We launched the #KeepHampdenRoaring Campaign – the unofficial campaign to persuade the SFA to keep the Scottish National Football Team at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

Here is our press release. This campaign lasted 6 months as we campaigned tirelessly, spreading the word and culminated on the 11th September 2018 when they agreed to stay. It even included a trip to the Scottish Parliament. There are mountains of information on our Facebook page and here below is a taster of our successful campaign.



Dear Citizens of Glasgow, Scotland and the wider world,

There is a campaign that needs your help. It is very simple. There is currently a head to head going on like no other. A very simple decision by the SFA that could have a tsunami impact for Glasgow and the footballing world. One of the most iconic stadiums is under threat and if the dice roll in a certain way it may be lost forever.

A stadium that has showcased every Scottish footballing legend and hosted the world’s best from Zidane, Puskas, Di Stefano, Charlton, Maradona, Cruyff, Best, Beckenbauer, Linekar, and even the mighty Pele. Then add the legendary music acts that have played at Hampden – U2, Beyonce, Bruce Springstein, AC/DC, Rod Stewart and Coldplay. How many places in the world can say that? If you walk inside or outside the ground you can feel there is something different about this place. Look up into the stands and think what it would have been like to have been here when 149,415 people crammed into this cauldron of noise. And when a goal was scored you could be heard 2 miles away. There is no place on earth that has this history and iconic status.

Graeme Brown, Co-Founder of the Hampden Collection said: “There are a million reasons why the Home of Scottish Football should stay at Hampden. We have put together a campaign to showcase the history and mystery of one of the world’s most iconic stadiums. It is to wake up the masses. What will the world be like without Hampden Park? How will you feel when you are telling your grandchildren that the Hampden Park Housing Estate was once the greatest stadium in the world?”

Unbelievable? During the next couple of months the SFA will make a decision on whether to stay or move 45 miles to Murrayfield. If it is to move to Murrayfield then it is the end for Hampden and quite possibly for Queens Park Football Club. There is no point believing there is any other outcome.

The two competing stadiums could not be more different. This campaign is about putting the facts out there. Bursting the myths and making the case for the national stadium to stay exactly where it has always been.

Keith McAllister, who has faithfully attended Scotland and Queens Park games for over 50 years, explains: “It is clear what we will lose. A national icon envied around the world. Do you know if we give up Hampden the rest of the world will simply say: “why on earth have you done that”. Other countries would bite your arm off for what we have. Hampden encapsulates all of this. The stadium does need a make-over to improve the viewing for spectators. That is widely accepted. But there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It has been refurbished before and can be lovingly rebuilt once again. I laugh when people say the stadium is finished. Just ask Harry Kane. He said he had never heard anything like it when the 2nd Scotland goal went in at the recent Scotland v England match. That’s Hampden! That’s the roar! Its still alive. Its still kicking.”

Ged O’Brien, Football Historian and Creator of the World’s first football museum at Hampden explains further:. “Do not misunderstand the potential gravity of the current situation. Through the beauty of historical accident, our national stadium is in the hands of a club which chose to remain amateur in 1893, when it was arguably the dominating influence in world football. 130 years later, 500 people watch Queens Park play their matches. The Club, is still run ‘for the game’s sake’, as their motto proudly proclaims. Yes, the ground needs updating. Yes the ends must be brought in, so that the views for those packed behind the goals become acceptable. If we value Scottish history at all, or have the slightest pride in the achievements of our ancestors, then we must persuade the SFA to do the right thing and remain at the world home of football.”

This is not just about the football fans. The local community will be massively impacted as well. We asked local residents who put forward their own personal view. “Its time we all get behind this campaign and ensure that Hampden’s legacy and its future are protected. Every day we walk our three children to Mount Florida Primary School, which is adjacent to Hampden. They look up in awe at the mighty stands. We need to keep the legend roaring and ensure our children’s children will take their children to this fascinating, historic and inspiring stadium.”

Join the campaign and show your support. #KeepHampdenRoaring. Follow the campaign on the Hampden Collection Facebook page and on Twitter @Hampdeners.

Thanks in advance for your support.

The Hampden Collection