Chapter 264 – Carrick’s Royal Hotel

The following evening I meet David Wotherspoon in Carrick’s Royal Hotel at 50 George Square and discuss the Scotland v England match preparations.

“The entire Queen’s Park Committee are engaged, however, the key one, which I wanted to discuss, is the venue.”, said David.

“What are our options?” I said.

“Glasgow Academicals, our rugby friends, offered their Burbank ground off Great Western Road for free.”

“A kind offer, but we may as well play at Queen’s Park Recreation Ground, with no opportunity to charge entry.”

“Agreed. Our other option is from our cricket chums at West of Scotland Cricket Club.”

“I doubt they’ll offer their ground for free.”

“They’re a commercial operation and tough negotiators. Their ground is enclosed and provides ample opportunity for charging entry. Their final offer is £10 for the match, and a further £10 should the takings exceed £50.”

I sit back in my chair and ponder the conundrum, “The club only has £8 in total.”

“Exactly, our sixty-five members are taking huge personal risk on the balance. Furthermore we need to cover the travel, accommodation, post-match dinner, and the policing for the ground.”

“So our option is pay nothing and use up funds, or pay West and risk everything for a potential reward.”


“West of Scotland is the only option. What about the date?”

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