Chapter 265 – Date of Destiny

David Wotherspoon places down his glass, “The trials are on Saturday, where we expect Glasgow Academicals and West of Scotland Rugby Club’s players to participate.

Unfortunately, my letters in the Scotsman have yielded no players from the East. The trial match will give us three weeks to select and prepare the final eleven.”

I spray whisky across the table, “What do you mean, three weeks to decide? I thought the match was on 23rd November.”

“The rugby fixture between Glasgow District and Edinburgh District is on 23rd November 1872 at Burnbank, and we decided on St Andrew’s Day 1872 for our match with England. More importantly, will you throw your hat in for selection?” asked David politely.

“Playing in the match is out of the question.”, I said, taking a deep breath, “We present our map to the Dean of Guild at one o’clock, on the last day of November, in the Chambers of Commerce Hall.”

“Kick-off is two o’clock. Do you think you’ll make it as a spectator?”

An idea flashes through my head, “Always turn a problem into an opportunity. Although now I have two.”

“And the other one?”

“Malcolm Anderson will be livid as his timeline has reduced from seven days to one evening.”

“What timeline?”

“You’ll meet Malcolm earlier than planned.”, I said, ignoring the question.

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