Chapter 257 – Most Important Weapon

I spent the rest of the afternoon surveying every inch of the map with Alexander Campbell and going through every detail before leaving the Princes Street Printworks. Today has been an invigorating rollercoaster, finished with my walk along the newly built Kenmuir Street taking me straight into the heart of sleepy Strathbungo. I stand and observe our village in the evening darkness.

“Good evening.”, says a familiar voice behind me.

I turn around to find Mary dressed in a velvet emerald cape. Plumes of breath file into the cold winter air.

“All our plans are now in place, Mary.”, I said.

“And our chances of victory?” asked Mary.

“We are hoping for a knockout blow in the first round of our head-to-head with Carey & Fortis.”

“Are we boxing under the Queensberry Rules?”, laughed Mary.

“We are looking for a fair fight.”

Mary’s stare narrowed.

“Carey & Fortis are a strong opposition. I have watched them intently, and they have poached our most important member of staff. They aren’t playing within those rules.”, said Mary, talking about Robert’s defection.

“A setback, and one he’ll regret. But our door will always be open for his return if a good dose of remorse accompanies it.”

“Very true. However, they don’t have our most important weapon.”

“And what or who is that?”

“You.” said Mary.

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