Chapter 258 – Quintum Novembris, Remembered

The following day is not for football, nor Thompson & French. Today may be Tuesday, but today focussed on the two activities Emelia has been grappling with since returning to Glasgow.

“My carriage will pick us up in twenty minutes. You promised me your complete attention today, and I need it more than ever.”, said Emelia while finishing off her toast at the kitchen table.

Agnes refills our cups with freshly made tea and scuttles back to the scullery. She senses when to keep out of the way.

“I have cleared my diary, and only Ann knows my itinerary and is under instruction for me to be left alone today.”, I said.

“Excellent. This morning we are visiting my chosen site for Kilnave Headquarters, and this afternoon we are viewing a townhouse in Park Gardens, which overlooks West End Park. Our new Governess, Ms Wilton, will meet us there.”

Images of running through the park with the Gareloch Boys come flooding back.

“Did you know Park Gardens was designed by Charles Wilson in 1855, and completed in eight years?”

Emelia sets down her cup, “Indeed. We are fortunate Number Six is going on sale tomorrow, and I have arranged an early viewing.”

I smile into my teacup and recite John Milton’s famous poem about today, “Remember, Remember the 5th of November.”

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