Chapter 256 – Moment of Madness

Alexander Campbell looks down at the first blank sheet of paper measuring twenty-nine and a half inches long by eleven and three-quarters inches wide.

“This is blank. Is this a trick?” asked Alexander.

“No trick. The contents will be delivered by Malcolm Anderson on the evening of the last day of November. You will need your entire team ready to go.”

“Ready to do what?” asks Alexander.

I hand Alexander a list of requirements and the plan.

Alexander slumps into his chair and spins around to face the window. “This is impossible.

I retrieve a bottle of Kilnave Whisky and two glasses from the cabinet. This hidden treasure is for moments like these, and walk over to Alexander, handing him Islay’s finest malt.

“Sláinte mhath.”, I said.

Alexander gulps down the entire contents and stares out into the yard. Sometimes it’s good to absorb a significant challenge, swirl it around in your brain, and deliberate the possibilities. I could see the whisky taking effect, as a relaxed calmness rolled across Alexander’s face.

I walk over, refill our glasses, and toast the health of Thompson & French.

“You would have to be crazy to take this on.” asked Alexander.

“We’ve been building towards this moment since we built this printworks seven years ago and we going to put Scotland on the map.”

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