Chapter 222 – Lord Provost’s Blessing

Mary and I make our way through the crowds. The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Councillors are next to meet and greet.

I spot Henry Carey and Edward Fortis manoeuvring their way to the front. “Mary, time to move.”

We briskly move to the front, ahead of the bustling Englishmen. Mary turns around and gives them a wink in her usual playful, discourteous fashion.

Edward Fortis’ face turns scarlet, and Henry Carey’s cheeks puff out like a pair of fireplace bellows.

“I believe you call that ‘One – Nil’?” said Mary.

I try to conceal my laughter.

We both greet the Lord Provost. “Sir, this is a major accomplishment.”, I said.

“There is a great importance of the means of transport between the different parts of the city. The Tramway builds upon forty years of improvement.”, said the Lord Provost.

“A fine example for the whole world.”, said Mary.

The Lord Provost looks in wonder at this astute woman. “Mary, I remember when there were no cab stands or omnibuses.”

“Well, we should find out how good this is. May I escort you to the first car?” asked Mary.

The Lord Provost falls under Mary’s spell-binding charm, and they walk to the first of six cars.

I turn around, finding two men aghast.

“More like ‘Six – Nil, Mary’”, I said quietly.

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