Chapter 223 – Advertising Glasgow’s Finest

I make my way toward Henry Carey and Edward Fortis. “Gentlemen, you look surprised.”

“We’ll let you have your final, small victory.”, said Henry Carey, cutting the air with an upper-class swipe of indignation.

“Have you considered our proposal?” asked Edward Fortis.

“I am intrigued you were unable to deliver your ultimatum?”

Edward and Henry start laughing. “We both have our ways of doing business.”, said Henry. “And your decision?”

“Gentlemen, please come with me.”

We walk towards the tramcars. All six are lined up for the first trip traversing the two and a quarter-mile stretch to Eglinton Toll and return to the Cambridge Street depot. The first car is for the Lord Provost and Glasgow Town Councillors, with the following four tramcars for the City’s Gentry, marvelling at Glasgow’s newest mode of transportation.

We walk along the side of the sixth car, “Gentlemen, this is your answer.” A giant advertising board across the middle of the tramcar emblazons with ‘Thompson & French – Glasgow’s Finest Cartographers, Established 1861.’

“You are not kicking me out of my city.”, I said.

“We’ll see.”, said Henry, seething with rage.

“The game’s only just begun, Gentlemen. I would offer you a seat, but they’re all taken.”

I board the tramcar joining the rest of my Thompson & French team, leaving them standing on the road, alone.

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