Chapter 221 – Dreams Drive Destiny

The carriage stops on the corner of Shamrock Street and St George’s Road. Mary and I disembark, “Start in a lucky street.”, said David, reaching down to shake my hand, acknowledging his Irish ancestry.

There is no emotion within my exhausted veins; however, this symbolic gesture provides a welcome boost.

We walk towards the large crowd. “Who should we find first?” said Mary.

“The answer always presents itself.”, I said.

I feel a gentle jab in the rib cage. We turn around to find William and Joseph Sheldon.
“Gentlemen, what an occasion.”, said Mary.

“Mary, this is a moment to savour for the Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus Company.”, said William.

“Your experience setting up tramways in the great cities of Madrid, Geneva, Bucharest, Bremen, and Copenhagen was essential.”, I asked.

“Experience is everything.”, said William, tapping the new rail in front of us and laughing.

“What’s funny?” asked Mary.

“My first project was in London. Unfortunately, my business partner was adamant about raising the rails. I couldn’t change his mind, and I quit. Other road users burst with anger, and the project failed.”

“Wise move, indeed. Long may our successful partnership continue.”, said Mary. “Only right you receive the first copy.”

Mary hands over our ceremonial brochure celebrating the opening of the tramway. “We will see you both on the tram.”

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