Chapter 204 – Thinking Lateral Works

I turn around, walk over and congratulate Mary, “This is what I wanted.”

Mary never condones complements and pulls out the finalised tramline map, “Remember how you explained to Robert, using the reverse side of the map would fill the profit gap?

“Yes, lots of Glaswegians will see it.”

“I did as you asked and went to Stobcross Street to speak to Thomas. Always the marketeer, he bought up the entire advertising space for the first two thousand copies.”
Mary had the map over, which Lipton’s emblazons one half of the reverse side, and the other half explains the offers from his Grocery Store.

“Thomas understands the world contains endless opportunities, and you must grab people’s attention. He imported the world’s largest cheese to celebrate opening his first store.” I started laughing, “I call him the ‘Big Cheese’ now.”

“That phrase comes from India.”

“Ah, yes, it’s a wonderful evolution of Urdu and English. Speaking of India, Thomas’ next adventure is bringing tea to the masses, ending its image as a rich person’s drink.”

“Quite a vision. Thomas will need maps to show customers where his tea comes from.”

“You are catching on quick.”, I said smiling, “So we have a map, a shop, production inbound, and now we just need staff.”

My third and final stop is Berkeley Street.

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