Chapter 205 – Wake Up Call

The walk to Berkeley Street provides a break to contemplate life. I walk through the City’s father’s impressive footprint of streets, roads, crescents, and terraces, slowly filling with new housing, shops, and life. I walk up North Street and stop at Elmbank Crescent, where I walk around the elliptical grove of trees standing in front of these beautifully appointed dwellings before moving on.

I open the main entrance and walk up to Mrs Struth’s door, who answers promptly. I take a deep breath, “How are the patients?”

“Come and see,” said Mrs Struth, without emotion.

We proceed downstairs and knock on Robert and Hugh’s flat door. Robert opens the door, and I see he is a fragment of his usual self, with eyes gaunt and hair straggling.

“You made it,” said Robert.

At this moment, I realise how outstanding medical practitioners are, who see through illness and find the person beneath the outer layer without flinching or showing shock.
I search for a positive question, “What does the doctor say?”

“I am on the mend.”

“My man, wonderful news. I am sure Mrs Struth will feed you back to full health. What about Hugh?”

Robert looks at the floor, “They took Hugh to the Fever House last night.”

This statement pierced my soul with startling ferocity.

“I must go, now.”

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