Chapter 203 – Opening The World

Leaving the printworks, I ask David to stop at Broomielaw Street. The building is in darkness, and I take out the keys and enter.

The open layout is wonderful; each corner is a geographical destination decorated with drawings of landmarks and interpretations explaining their history and importance. The centre of the room is dedicated to Glasgow’s newest transportation system and describes the tram route, timetable and why this will change the city forever. Alexander’s production run will stock these tables with products for customers to peruse and purchase.

At the far end of the room, a large oak counter provides two essential services. One is a place to pay for tram tickets and our products, and the other is an information desk providing all travellers and city dwellers with an essential guide to traversing the city.

Our business model traditionally serves business owners and government organisations; however, Robert’s dilemma became the foundation of our latest innovation. The shrewd Town Council made sure they received the best price, which left a hole in our profitability. This shop is the solution to the problem, and we will use the other side of the map to promote our business.

The large sign on the back wall reads, ‘Thompson & French opens your eyes to the world’.

“It certainly does.”, laughs Mary from the doorway.

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