chapter 189 – Games Are On

The Committee disperse, and I ask Archibald Rae, our Secretary, “What teams are you inviting?”

“The Glasgow teams: Thistle, Granville, Clydesdale, Drumbreck and Southern. I will post the letters tomorrow.”, said Archibald.

“You are missing one. Please invite the young men of Rangers.”, I said, remembering the score I have to settle with young Moses McNeil.

Archibald looks perplexed; however continues, “Do you have their address?”

“I will deliver it personally.”, I said, smiling to myself.

“Pick it up tomorrow at my house.”

I acknowledge by nodding and smiling at the same time.

The following day I find myself again on the cobbles of Berkeley Street, proceed to No. 169 and knock loudly. The exuberant Peter McNeil opens the door and warmly shakes my hand before storming upstairs to fetch his brother Moses. They both return at speed.

“An invitation to an organised athletics competition,” I said, handing over the envelope. “We are inviting everyone from your team.”

Moses rips open the envelope, and the McNeil brothers read aloud the twelve competitions. Their excitement grows event by event.

“We cannot thank you enough.”, said Moses.

“I assure you. The pleasure will be all mine.”, I said, winking at Moses.

I turn around and walk next door to 167, where Robert Macleod and Hugh Hudson have lodgings.

Now time for business.

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