Chapter 190 – Sickness and worry

I knock on the door of the first flat in the tenement block, and Hugh Hudson answers with a troubled face. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Robert is sick. He has a fever.”, said Hugh.

My stomach sinks, “Has the doctor examined him?”

“Yes. Mrs Struth sent for him immediately, and he prescribed everything possible. Only time will tell.”

Mrs Struth is the housekeeper for all eight flats. Her job is to provide a set of comfortable lodgings for my staff, ensuring they maintain good health.

“And you?” I ask while crossing my fingers.

“I am fine. Scary times, I have seen this on the high seas.”

Fever is a constant threat, and the fever epidemic of 1843 still exists in many peoples’ memories, when thirteen hundred people died.

Fortunately, I have a private clinician for me, my family and my staff. This perk is one of the reasons I attract and retain the most talented team. Mrs Struth lost her husband in the fever epidemic and will be highly concerned.

“Don’t leave the flat. I will send all the provisions to you and Robert. Is anyone from the other flats sick?”

“I haven’t checked.”

“Good, please don’t leave this flat. I will go and check.”

I say goodbye and go to find Mrs Struth. She lives in the top flat.

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