Chapter 188 – Preparation, Planning, Process

In true Queens Park style, we elect a sub-committee to organise our first Athletics Festival, and Robert Smith is elected chair. We meet at Dick’s Bar to commence the process.

“We started here five years ago. From humble athletic pursuits, we have grown into Scotland’s leading light on the football field. Athletics is an excellent way to improve our physical condition and allow us to assess the opposition.”, said Robert Gardiner.

“I will invite all the football and cricket clubs in the district, and these games will take place every Tuesday and Thursday until 15th August.”, said Archibald Rae.

“Excellent, Archie.”, said Robert smiling. Only Robert got away with calling him that, “Now onto the events.”

“These events will test every man’s stamina, strength and endurance: 100 yards race; Putting the ball; Hop, step and leap; 200 yards race, Throwing the hammer; Running flat leap, Kicking off football; Quarter-mile race; Running high leap; and Vaulting.”, I said.

James Weir raises his hand, “I propose a 100-yard dribbling race.”

“Why, so you can win something?” I said, laughing into my ale.

James ignores the banter, “And throwing the cricket ball.”

“Well, we do need to offer something to the cricketers.”, I said, “Robert, this is your decision. There is a lot to organise.”

“Motions carried.”, said Robert, promptly closing the meeting.

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