Chapter 78 – Hogmanay Dinner Party

I head upstairs to the bedrooms, escorting, Arabella, Lewis and Adair, to their room. 

“Read us the last chapter again?” they all chorus. 

Charles’ Dickens work is explored once more and I finish with Tiny Tim’s immortal words, “God bless Us, Every One!”

I head downstairs to the hall, where Emelia has gathered the guests. George Cowie escorts Amelia’s cousin, Isabella Elder to the dining room. Henry Smith, Club President and Poet, and his wife move through, along with Alexander and Jane Thomson. Robert McLeod and James Hogg from Thomson & French, and my local grocer where tonight’s meal was sourced, Thomas Lipton, proceed to the dining room.

Our hall falls silent, Emelia and I have one moment, where we sip champagne with a silent toast.

We head through to take our seats. The dining table is beautifully adorned with fine china, cutlery and candelabra.

“Tonight’s tale is of David Dale. In 1795, he had a similar evening planned in his house on 76 Charlotte Street. Disaster struck when the Monkland Canal burst and his kitchens were flooded. However, his neighbours handed over their kitchens and servants, saving his important dinner. An excellent lesson on community and friendship.”

Raise your glasses, “May all our hopes and dreams come true.”

As our meal ends the grandfather clock strikes twelve times. 1872 is here.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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