Chapter 79 – Dawn, Glasgow, 1872

Dawn. How often are you awake for it? This beautiful uncontrollable event happens every day of your life and convinces you the world is still spinning. This morning’s sun is particularly warm and invigorating, as I stand on the top of Camp Hill, where the City sleeps beneath me.

The Campsies are Glasgow’s white northern border, encasing a million souls, whilst thousands of chimneys plume the sky with smoke. Swissy barks loudly, cracking the stillness and runs off chasing a wood pidgeon. With a whistle, Swissy grudgingly returns to my side. This site provides much-needed thinking time on the year ahead.

1872 will be different. Queens Park Football Club is now Glasgow’s premier football club. Our membership is growing, founded on athleticism, innovative rule administration and continual recreation for all members. We are a member of the Football Association, entering the new Challenge Cup, where fourteen English teams stand between us and the new trophy.

At Thompson & French, we have stiff competition from our fierce rival, Cary & Fortis. Our contract with the Dean of Guild is our most important objective: our map of the South of the city must eclipse their map of the North. Our submission date to the Dean of Guild is the last day of November.

Eleven months to go. There is no time to waste.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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