Chapter 77 – The Whisky Man

Our grandfather clock strikes eight times, waking me from my gentle slumber. I am extremely excited, as tonight we celebrate the coming of 1872. 

I head to the kitchen and find Agnes, our Housekeeper, hard at work preparing our sumptuous feast for this evening. 

“The joints of meat are prepared for roasting, well-stuffed turkeys are ready to boil, with puddings and custard ready for the finale.”, she said.


I turn around and find George Cowie, who has been staying with us for two weeks.

“We have a job to do, George.”

We head off into the cellar to peruse my vintage wine, sherry, port, rum and whisky collection.

Our morning is consumed by Queen’s Park U.P. Church service, which grounds me in the world we live in. I reflect on Thomson & French’s work to support William Quarrier, who this year opened his refuge for homeless children on 10 Renfrew Lane. A truly inspirational man.

In the afternoon, George, Swissy and I head up to Queens Park to take in the best view of the city.

“I will map this city, George, every brick, every building and every street.”

“I am sure you will, my friend.”

We sit overlooking the city and discuss the world of commerce.

I check my pocket watch. “5 o’clock, time for our celebration.”

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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