Chapter 70 – England v Scotland

On the way out we pass the Clock Tower with its 4-sided face: the largest in the world.

“They call the Great Bell, Big Ben”, said George.

The big hand ticks onto XII and the Clock Tower explodes into a symphony of sixteen chimes. Big Ben ends the cacophony of noise with twelve thunderous tolls signalling to London, 12 o’clock.

“Time for Scotland against England”, I said excitedly.

We head back to our carriage and travel through the London burghs of Lambeth, Vauxhall and arrive in Kennington. I am back at the Oval, once more praying for a Scottish victory.

We find Robert Smith limbering up ahead of the match, who shakes both of our hands warmly. 

“Can we meet Charles Alcock please, Robert?”

“Of course. He selected both teams for today’s match, so I know him well.”, said Robert.

We introduce ourselves to England’s Captain and Football Association Secretary, who is a mere 28 years of age. His challenge to the Scottish nation to a game of football via Scottish newspapers was a wonderful act of courage and bravery. I am convinced that this will capture the imagination of future generations.

The men disappear off to finalise their preparation. Scotland and England take the field, who knows what the score will be? Only time will tell. Tick tock.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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