Chapter 71 – Football In Focus

Whilst watching the game kick-off, I explain to George the first match held on 5 March 1870.

“Robert Crawford scored Scotland’s first goal due to a tactical blunder by England, where they moved their goalkeeper upfield. However Alfred Baker equalised in the last minute to record a draw.”, I said.

We focus on today’s game in front of us, where the average age is 21 years combined with boundless energy. Robert Walker is England’s star of Clapham Rovers and Wanderers, scoring two fine goals in the first half.

The Scots come back with a vengeance, filled with members of the Royal Engineers, Oxford University, Harrow Chequers and Wanderers, with Robert Smith of Queens Park and South Norwood completing the team. Late on in the game, Henry Renny-Tailyour, scores a fine Scottish goal, however the game ends with English victory. 

Two draws and two victories for England and I remind myself the FA Secretary, Alcock, has chosen this Scottish team from England, rather than Scotland’s best from Scotland. 

The only grin, amongst the 650 strong crowd, is my own one. One day, Scotland will be coming.

And out of the corner of my eye, a handkerchief falls to the ground. I automatically pick it up and see ‘EMF’ embroidered on it. 

“Yours I presume”, I said smiling.

“Oui Monsieur”.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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