Chapter 225 – Glasgow’s Tram Experience

The journey begins at five minutes to noon, when there is a loud cheer from the assembled masses. The seven trams are each pulled by four horses, three abreast with one in front, under the guidance of their immaculately dressed postilion in uniform. The postilion’s entire job is controlling speed, with only one direction possible following the glistening new rails along the two and a quarter-mile journey to Eglinton Street.

I make my way up to the front bench of the upper deck of our tram and sit beside Robert MacLeod, James Mackenzie and Alexander Campbell. These original members of Thompson & French are peering over the edge of the tram, admiring the streets lined with Glaswegians who are mesmerised by their new transportation system.

“The comfort and style of the tram are incredible compared to the old omnibuses. You don’t feel a single cobble.”, said James.

“The Sheldon’s explained this brilliant feature, although they are slightly concerned at the sharp curves passing from Cambridge Street onto Sauchiehall Street.”, said Robert.

The tramcar slows down, cautiously taking this bend without issue.

As we head along Argyll Street and onto Glasgow Bridge, Alexander stands up and points, “The police are struggling to keep the line clear from vehicles and people.”

“Today, Glasgow changes forever, and so will the people.”, I said, grinning.

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