Chapter 224 – Persistence Dies Trying

The tram is bustling with noise from my excited Thompson & French staff. Everyone from the upper deck makes their way down, standing on the stairwell, craning to hear what I have to say. I quickly rehearse my speech in my head while the chatter dampens. My talks have become legendary within the ranks of the people who keep my organisation spinning around every day.

“Today is a momentous occasion for our company. They say ‘Persistence Dies Trying’, and every inch of our organisation exemplifies the continuous pursuit of our objectives, against the greatest odds.”, I said.

There was a round of applause.

“Underneath your seats, you will each find a hamper; a personal thank you from me. Open them up, and enjoy what is inside on this trip across our city. Absorb the beauty of the buildings, bridges, rivers, streets, roads and avenues in the comfort of the Glasgow’s newest transportation system. There is always something new in our world to map or document how it has changed. We create the visual history of time in a world where change is the only constant. Thank you, and congratulations on a job well done.”

Everyone turns to hug each other and retrieves their boxes from beneath their seats. The corks pop, and champagne flows, celebrating in style on an open-top tram.

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