Chapter 220 – End of Beginning

My hallway clock strikes seven times, and I breathe deeply, releasing my stomach’s nervousness. Two years, ten days ago, Parliament passed the Tramways Act 1870, and today, Monday 19th August 1872, Glasgow’s streets will change forever.

The last nine days resembled bedlam. The day after the funerals, we mustered a broken workforce, rolled up our sleeves, and worked every waking minute to finish. Glasgow’s Town Council placed their faith in Thompson & French, and today we’ll repay it with a spell-binding display of promotion of their new transportation creation.

I dress in my finest suit and finish shaping my tie when there is a gentle knock at the door. “Here goes,” I whisper into the air.

I open the door and find Mary elegantly attired in a fitted dress of mauve check with lace detail and velvet trim. We exchange warming nods.

We board our carriage, “No need to rush, David.”, I said to David Mackintosh. “We want to feel every cobble.”

We stop in the Princes Street Printworks, checking all the production is released, our Great Clyde Street premise, checking every counter for our grand opening, and then onwards to Hope Street, to thank an assembly of our staff.

“David, St George’s Cross, please, on the junction of St George’s Road and New City Road. The future awaits.”, I said.

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