Chapter 192 – Devotion, Occupation, Vocation

My carriage awaits in front of the Berkeley Street Tenement, with David Mackintosh opening the doors.
“David, for once, I will be your coachman. Robert is sick, a third of my workforce are not leaving this building until they are well, and in the meantime I will take back the Glasgow Office’s reigns.”

David nods, hands me his hat and whip, and bounds into the carriage. I jump up top, and I race our coach to Hope Street, through the hustle and bustle of Glasgow.

I prefer activity to clear my mind. Today is a setback, a punch to the celiac plexus, and I need to reset. The next five weeks require every waking moment of concentration and attention. There are three parts to my life. Family, my devotion; Thompson & French, my occupation; and Queens Park Football Club, my vocation.

Emelia and the children are on Islay, and I will write a letter to them every night. The Queens Park Athletics Festival, which I lead, will use up any time remaining from my occupation. This new challenge is enormous; with so many critical staff sick, I will need a miracle to finish everything in time for the opening of the Trams.

I walk into the office and summon everyone into the middle of the room – time to focus everyone’s minds.

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