Chapter 193 – The Team game

I stand in the middle of my Thompson & French team, and it reminds me of those football matches, where our Captain gathers us and restates our mission. I signal Margaret Scott to stand beside me.

“Everyone, I have distressing news. Robert is seriously ill with Fever, and one-third of our staff are sick. The male staff lodgings at Berkeley Street is out of bounds.”

Terrified faces look back at me. Fever is the biggest killer in Glasgow.

“I will take full control of the tramline contract.” For effect, I roll up my sleeves and turn to Margaret. “Margaret, your team will continue with the Dean of Guild contract. The St Andrews Day deadline is four months away, and you cannot suffer delay.”

“Why don’t we stop and help you?” said Margaret.

Sometimes your logic is unquestionable. However, I take pride when a confident young manager expresses ideas for consideration.

“Why put two contracts at risk? The Dean of Guild contract, mapping Glasgow Southside, is the most important contract we may ever do. A show of force against Carey & Fortis, and I place its destiny in your hands.”

Margaret nods with pride, ushers her team upstairs and leaves a group of ten men. We all have families and houses of our own.
“Gentlemen, we have five weeks to get this done.”

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