Chapter 160 – Product Test Completion

The question about the new tram system’s repercussions for current transport methods hangs in the air. As if David Mackintosh had just witnessed the future and didn’t like it. Glasgow Bridge provides an excellent vantage point to look up the Clutha, which bustles with ships traversing the globe, transporting their goods. Do they fear their future too?

“The world is changing at great velocity. Remember, trams have their disadvantages: they have a fixed route, only available at set times, and they could become overcrowded. I much prefer the comforts, style and flexibility of private transportation. Your job is safe.”

We proceed at a gentler speed up Pollokshaws Road and finish the tramline route at Eglinton Toll with the tension released. “All done in thirty minutes. I don’t think the tram will be as quick as I.”, proclaimed David.

“Point proven. This journey has given me a driver’s perspective and food for thought. Your feedback please?”
“Pocket-sized, versatile, detailed and is an excellent guide. The buildings provide reference points for both the driver and passenger.”

“Absolutely. The trams will contain people who have never visited the city, and these reference points are an excellent assistant.”

The product passes its most crucial test. Now we must make it cost-effective, “Please take me to the Printworks. I have an appointment with Alexander Campbell.”

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