Chapter 159 – David Donald Mackintosh

I return to my carriage and join David Mackintosh in the driver’s seat, “Time to put this map to the test.”, I said, handing over the map.

The driving position reveals an entirely different perspective compared to the restricted view from the interior of the coach, “How long do you think the route will take?” I asked.

David hands me a cushion, providing welcome relief from the unforgiving wooden seat, “Two and a quarter miles, through Scotland’s biggest city and at the busiest time of day. You better make yourself comfortable.”
I laugh, as I have just set a retired Champion Jockey a speed test. Time is money, after all.

I mark off each of the buildings, which Robert MacLeod has carefully inscribed onto the map, as we hurtle along Great Western Road, New City Road, Renfield Street and Union Street. David expertly navigates the city centre and exit via Glasgow Bridge.

“Imagine the impact this form of transport will have on people’s lives. The tram will do all the hard work: you won’t get lost, no horses to feed or upkeep, expensive carriages are no longer required and of course, dedicated routes, where trams will have priority.”

David brings the carriage to a shuddering halt, turns around and asks the obvious question, “Are these trams going to replace me?”

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