Chapter 150 – Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers

We continue along the road until we reach the Regimental Drill Ground, where the 3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Corp has assembled. I lead the family around the drill ground perimeter, and we stand with the Regimental Headquarters and Drill Hall behind us.

Arabella turns around and looks up at me, “I love their scarlet coloured jackets.”

“They pay for all their uniforms and equipment. This regiment is not much older than you.”

“Why was that?”

A children’s inquisition will put any lawyer to shame, “There was invasion panic in 1859, due to the French expanding their fleet and these men volunteered, creating a home defence to protect us.”

Arabella nods her approval, confirming my pass of her latest test.

I hoist Adair onto my shoulders and Lewis tightens his grip of my hand. They haven’t said much and stare in wonder at the display.

The marching concludes, and the men gather at the other side of the drill ground, where the shooting range is situated, and their competition commences. I spot Billy Mackinnon and Alexander Campbell, who have made it to the front of the queue. No surprise there.

Lewis sticks his fingers in his ears. Emelia signals its time to leave, and we walk to more children focussed activities in Queens Park.

I will find out who won tomorrow.

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