Chapter 151 – Passing Sunday’s Test

Our family troop moves onto Queens Park, where we roll out our picnic rug, stretch out and relish May’s sunshine. The vista is a mix of hills, chimneys puffing out smoke, tenement architecture and a foreground packed with families, enjoying their Sunday afternoon. The bandstand is crammed with enthusiastic spectators, sampling the orchestra play their ensemble of joyous symphonies.

The perfect family afternoon transforms into an evening for parents by tucking our children into bed, reading their favourite books and watching them go to sleep. We walk down the stairs back to the sitting room, sit in front of the fire and discuss our day.

“I think I will open the special bottle, which George Cowie brought me.”, I said.

“I thought you were saving that for a special occasion?”, said Emilia.

“Sometimes you don’t need a special reason and today has been wonderful.”

Emilia nods in agreement and falls asleep. I chuckle to myself, as I pour Uisge Beth into a crystal tumbler.

Crackling logs break the silence every so often disturbing the tranquillity of the place I love the most. The family is happy, Duke lies at my feet exhausted by today’s exertions, and I sit with today’s paper winding away the remaining hours of the day.

My world holds no bounds. The Sunday relaxation test is complete.

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