Chapter 129 – A Scotsman Letter

Queens Park’s fire burns brightly after our defensive masterclass against Granville. David Wotherspoon and I discuss our progress in the Western Club, whisky in-hand, celebrating the 1872 season. Today culminated in our Second Team’s victory over East Kilbride by one goal to nil, continuing our unbroken record of clean sheets.

“A momentous season: five games, three wins and two draws.”, I said, twisting my whisky glass in the air.

The waiter retrieves our glasses and replenishes them.

“Indeed, however, this is more important.”, said David, handing me ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper, dated Monday 18th March 1872.

“You have been waylaid with business. I have been successful in our quest challenging England.”, explained David, eyes flaring with excitement.

David and Robert Gardner were left in London, following our FA Cup exit, to tempt England into an international football match. This fixture will re-write the wrong of five games, where Scotland’s team contained English born players with tenuous links to Scotland.

“Charles Alcock accepted our challenge?”, I asked.

“We will play this match in Scotland, and I have placed this letter in The Scotsman inviting players from Edinburgh to acquaint themselves with association football. These trials will be played on any Saturday, in Glasgow or Edinburgh at 3:30pm, enabling selection of Scotland’s best eleven.”

“David, our footballing world is about to change.”

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