Chapter 128 – QPFC v Granville

William Ker, Granville’s Captain, is well known within our ranks, as he is a member of both clubs and is a formidable defender, with a famous father, John Ker, one of the top physicists in the country.

Granville resides in Myrtle Park, Crosshill, and founded by Henry Bruce, who created a Welsh coal-mining dynasty before moving north and is currently Home Secretary in William Gladstone’s Government. This man’s love for history makes him one of my heroes; in 1868 he successfully campaigned for a Royal Charter for what is known today as the Royal Historical Society.

Granville wins the toss, electing to defend the west end of the field and we kick off to cheers from the large crowd, who have assembled to watch this titanic local battle.

The first half is spent in the middle of the field until William Ker breaks our defence and bears down on our Captain, Robert Gardner, in our goal. Robert expertly narrows the angle, saving our goal from falling for the first time. After a rousing half-time speech, we increase our pace and deploy everything in our arsenal to break Granville’s defence; however, to no avail.

The crowd leave happy after watching a defensive masterclass from both teams. We leave scratching our heads as to how we didn’t score. Fortunately neither did Granville.

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