Chapter 124 – Monday Morning Motivation

Today is a morning with a difference. Last night’s dream sent a shockwave through my system, where I cannot contemplate losing those close and being alone. Loneliness is the greatest fear amongst humanity. Without each other, what are we?

I count those, which make every leaving and return worthwhile: a dog bounding up the path, three adoring children racing to greet me and a highland lass hugging my safe return. Emelia has given up so much to mother our three children, putting her abilities to one side, while ensuring our legacy continues through generations to come. My family demonstrates the first rule of life: ‘family is everything; life is everything else’.

I have invisibly stamped this mantra across my forehead. Why should the rest of the world dictate my future? Who are they to judge, what is right and what is wrong for me? Why on earth do I let others dissect my decisions with the benefit of perfect hindsight? Running my own business taught me the fundamental rule of commerce: ‘the worst decision in the world is not making one’.

There are many organisations caught up in bureaucracy, where process, personal agendas and politics come first. These not only inhibit progress and stamp out enthusiasm for change. Innovation and challenging convention is the key driver for my successful future.

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