Chapter 123 – Là Na Gocaireachd

Spring sunshine creeps through the curtains on the first day of April, where every muscle in my body aches from yesterday’s unforgettable race. I reach over and find Emelia missing and the house silent. Noise is ever-present in my household. How strange? I quickly dress and head to the kitchen, where Agnes, our housekeeper, maintains full command. Silence greets me.

A cold shiver runs down my spine. This house usually throngs with patter of little feet, prancing paws, dancing shoes and stomping boots. The sitting room couch provides raw comfort, as I try to reconcile the current situation. Where have they gone? Why am I alone?

There is a knock at the door, which I open to find a youthful face from my past, who hands me an envelope containing the following message, ‘Dinna laugh, dinna smile, hunt the gowk another mile’. I laugh discourteously, head into the living room, write the same message and seal it in an envelope. When I return to the door, the figure has vanished and I am left standing with the fool’s letter.

I bolt upright, where cold sweat drips from my nightmare onto the bedsheets. I take one deep breath, lean over and find Emelia dozing softly.

I look at the ceiling and pray. The nightmare had a clear message: family is everything.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 123 – Là Na Gocaireachd

    1. Thanks Martin. Glad you are enjoying it. This was done on one of those lockdown days. Always good to turn the world’s events into good writing. Hope you are well and had a great birthday! I am actually looking forward to Part 2 – much more footy to be had!


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