Chapter 90 – The Lion Rampant

I stare down into the grass of Kennington Oval, “I am a curse on this team, James.”

The group of cold, damp and exhausted players trudge off the field. We make our way down and stand beside the two Captains, Charles Alcock and Muir Mackenzie, deep in conversation. 

“Not the greatest of matches, Charles, at least there was a decent crowd?”, Muir asked.

“Five hundred spectators, which considering the weather is remarkable. However the rugby international in Edinburgh attracted four thousand. Association football needs to catch up quickly.”, replied Charles.

They headed off when a man approached.

“Excuse me. My name is Malcolm Anderson and I write for the Glasgow Herald. Your thoughts, Gentlemen?” 

I compose myself. “Charles Alcock challenged Scotland to field a team from north of the border. We cannot keep playing matches with players who have a tenuous link to Scotland. Five games with three draws and two England wins. We have beaten them at rugby but not at association football.”, I said.

“What needs to change?”, Malcolm asked enthusiastically.

“We must play England in Scotland.”

“How will that happen?”

“Queens Park Football Club will play in the Football Association Cup against Wanderers, in London, in nine days. Winning this competition is not the only thing we have on our minds.”, I said with a wry smile.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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