Chapter 91 – The London Debate

James Hogg and I accompany our new journalist acquaintance, Malcolm Anderson, out of the Surrey Cricket Ground, when there is a shout from behind. We turn around to find Robert and James Smith, the Queens Park brothers, walking towards us. 

“Where have you been?”, I ask, “and more importantly, why on earth were you not playing today?”

“A long story but we should get out of this rain quickly.”, replied Robert.

“Dinner at our hotel?”, I ask.

“Splendid idea.”, Robert replied with a large smile. 

We make our way to Claridges and have a sumptuous dinner, combined with extensive discussion on the upcoming Football Association’s Annual General Meeting and Queens Park’s fixture against Wanderers.

In the morning, James Hogg and I walk to the north-east corner of Hyde Park. 

“James, two hundred thousand people protested here for the vote for representatives of the working classes. This is the place for free and open discussion.”

We sit down and discuss my expansion plans for London.

“I believe you have ambition beyond quantification.”, said James after two hours of intense debate.

“James, I have given you additional resources for the Edinburgh office. We must lay firm foundations there and then set up in this city.” 

“Please return to Edinburgh, I am going to stay, as there is business to attend to.”

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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